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How can you optimize your customer satisfaction while also honing your focus to a fine edge regarding your brand messaging? As it turns out, the answer may lie in Account-Based Marketing, or ABM, which is the idea of bringing together the views and experience of different teams to ensure that clients have an extraordinary experience with your company at every stage. Specifically, ABM provides tight integration across marketing, sales, and customer success teams.

By collaborating closely, these three teams can organize and coordinate an end-to-end user experience master plan, starting with marketing, going through sales, and finally, customer success and…

Since the first head-mounted AR display in the 1960s, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have become increasingly more prominent and given way to the metaverse, a massive virtual shared world created by the convergence of the internet, VR, and AR. While this has become most noticeable in the video gaming industry, the metaverse is set to revolutionize eCommerce, healthcare, entertainment, and the automotive industries as well. Soon these immersive technologies will become indispensable.

In simple terms, Web Monetization is a way to generate revenue from the visitors coming to a website by enabling monetization of the website that does not rely on exploiting the attention or data of your visitors.

Let’s start with what it is not: it does not monetize the attention of a site or app’s traffic by providing advertising content.

Rather, when audiences engage with content, the creator can use Web Monetization, built from Interledger protocol, JavaScript API, and HTML tags, to get real-time payments based on the traffic they receive. These payments can be small or large, but they…

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Accelerating Threats from Companies Such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google.

I spend a lot of time helping companies strategize about how they can leverage their marketing architecture, personnel, technologies, and tactics to fend off or conquer competitors big or small; established or nascent.

There are far too many cybersecurity companies with very underdeveloped marketing and sales frameworks who believe they can sell solely on the strength of channel partnerships and their relationships with managed security providers.

In a world where companies like Microsoft can simply copy and “featurize” (à la Scott Galloway ) an entire security solution and combine it with existing cloud-based solutions, cybersecurity companies should be very concerned.

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Three Marketing Issues to Avoid

Over the last two months, I have been fortunate enough to talk with more than 27 cybersecurity commercial executives, including marketing, sales, and revenue leaders.

They come from a cross-section of startups, early stage companies, and established cybersecurity technology and services companies.

Collectively, these executives have more than 600 years of experience designing, launching and scaling profitable and effective go-to-market strategies and building extraordinary teams.

In these conversations, we’ve discussed many of the strategies that they are currently using to generate leads and sales. We have also discussed the key challenges that have continued to plague them.

Cybersecurity commercial executives…

Towards a Security-First Law Firm

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Towards a Security-First Law Firm

It is almost axiomatic that the law, lawyers and law firms are considered technological luddites. Evidence that the legal community lags in the adoption of technology can be found in annual ABA surveys where in 2018, only 57% of law firms even set aside a budget for technology, including only 53% of firms with 2–9 attorneys.

Whether attorneys are ready or not, the legal field is squarely within the crosshairs and at the mercy of some of the most advanced emerging cyber-threats. …

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Why Can’t it Accurately Identify Black Faces?

Georgetown’s Center on Privacy and Technology recently issued a study entitled The Perpetual Line-Up: Unregulated Police Face Recognition in America.

The study revealed that more than 110 million Americans, or more than half of all American adults, have been entered into a national database after the FBI used facial recognition software to scan the driver’s license photos of individuals in 26 states and counting.

Additionally, the FBI’s database includes biometric data beyond photographs, such as iris scans, voice prints, and fingerprints.

Privacy considerations aside, facial recognition software has been found time and time again to be inaccurate and unreliable. According…


If you love football, then the last week has been an extraordinary and magical time in your life. Between UEFA and Copa America, your days, afternoons and evenings have been filled with beauty, provided that you are not English.

Today, the world expected the English national football team to dispatch Iceland — a small country with no soccer tradition to speak of — with relative ease.

Those expectations were not met.

I am sure you have heard by now that England lost, and that they did so in an unexpected/expected/humiliating (depends on who you talk to) fashion.

What was remarkable…

A Response

A wonderful article by Jon Nordmark with terrifying implications. Amazon has already demonstrated its willingness to throw its weight around when threatening cities and states.

It has threatened to move its warehouses in order to challenge taxation requirements, and it treats its contractors at the warehouses abysmally with sensory tracking apparatuses that track every movement.

I found Strategic Response #4 particularly striking:

“Build connected products. But more importantly build platforms, and interconnected ecosystems. Not just products.”

I am afraid that what Amazon has built is not an “ecosystem” but a “biome”. Think tundras, rainforests and savannahs.

And a biome contains…

Paul Sandham

Many companies in the U.S. claim that they are facing a skilled labor shortage.

This alleged crisis and complaint is particularly pronounced among companies who want to hire skilled technical workers in the STEM fields.

The labor constraint, as identified by the tech companies, is overstated. There are remote-work contracting agencies, extensive collaboration platforms and a global workforce that is increasingly comfortable working remotely.

There is no technical reason that the majority of development and software engineering positions would go unfilled. Nor is the expansion of the H-1B visa program the most optimal solution.

The Objective Truth

Comparatively, very few Americans choose to…

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